12 October 2012

Writer's Block

So about two weeks ago I started my MA in Writing – ever since, I've had complete and total writer's block. Stage fright, I guess, or maybe the realisation that I have to take it seriously now. Either way, the suffering got pretty intense, and I've been dragging myself through my everyday activities like a wounded animal; after a while, I got so sick of myself I decided I had to do something, so I picked up a "how to write every day" type book and went straight to the exercises. I started yesterday. I'm not sure how much shame there is in learning to write again and treating it like physical exercise, like jogging maybe (which was the suggestion in one of the books I read and which, incidentally, I should start doing again too) – either way, it seems to be what I need to do. 

1 comment:

  1. Yes, you can't wait for divine inspiration. For some fairly obvious reasons. Our dream idea of creativity is like fairy dust from god, but I think it's more straightforward than that that instead it's mostly about application and learning. That sounds pretty thin, but I mean don't deny the 'physical' aspect of your art. It isn't beyond, it's you, it's right there and you have to work at it. Now I'm talking shit, I suppose I mean don't wait for Godot, but that knowing this isn't going to make it any easier. *sigh* Oh, uve nae idja rruly