26 August 2012

Leaving America

After 6 weeks, I'm leaving. Vacation's over, there's things to do in England and Luxembourg, and, over the past 3 years, my life has, without consulting me, developed the unspoken rule that I don't get to be exposed to sunlight for more than a couple of months a year. My emotional climate isn't thrilled by this at all. Either way, I'm leaving America and I already know I will miss it. Not unconditionally, but still. So bye, America, with your overuse of the AC and your endless refills of sodas, your ridiculously varied array of climates, your iconic accents that just kind of melt into each other in everyday people's speech; bye you strange country with stunning sights and rambling, below-the-belt politicians, you emblem of the free market in which even churches advertise their services. It was good walking, driving, and experiencing through you. 

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